About us

„SNAT“ - SERBIAN NATIONAL ASSOSIATION for TELEMDICINE is non-government, nonprofit, non-partisan organization founded in Belgrade in 2019 for promoting telemedicine and e-health, as well as monitoring of citizen's health by digital means.

Considering that telemedicine in Serbia is unjustifiably overlooked, our primary goals are: promotion of telemedicine and e-health, education of professional as well as general public, organization of activities related to telemedicine, introduction of new technologies already present on world market, monitoring of citizen's health by digital means, joining and cooperation of worldwide associations with similar goals and assisting in defining of legislations related to the concept of telemedicine.

Our Mission

Currently there are no legal regulations for telemdicine in Serbia, which makes our mission the establishment of legal framework and paving the way for integration of this area into the Serbian legal/justice system.

As an addition to the above mentioned, we are also planning the organization, on our own or in a cooperation with other organizations with similar interests, of expert meetings, counseling, seminars and other forms of education, as to present benefits of concept of telemedicine to as wider population as possible.

We also have planned publishing of literature related to the concept of telemedicine and one of more important points of our strategy is establishing of cooperation with universities, schools and professional associations with area of expertise in medicine and modern technologies, both in our country and worldwide.

As an association, which is also a member of IsfTeH-a (International Society for Telemedicine & eHealth), exchange of experiences on global level and introduction to and implementation of principles of good practices is of utmost importance, all with the goal of patient benefits and introduction of the latest treatment methods in mind.

Contact us

Riste Stefanovića 13, Belgrade, Serbia

+381 63 242 205